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The purpose of the Faces of Pride Initiative is to increase awareness, visibility, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community at SNHU and for the community at large. The courageous faces you see in this project share personal aspects of themselves in hope that there will be continued acceptance and celebration of all forms of diversity. 



Matt, staff member

The reason I chose to be involved in the Faces of Pride Initiative is to show this is a community that accepts folds for who they are and allows those who are struggling to know they have allies who will actively show allegiance and support for all gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer members of our community.

Caleb, student

I made the decision to be in the Faces of Pride since, every year, you learn to accept yourself.

Megan, faculty

Faces of Pride is an opportunity to put yourself out there; someone might really need to see there is a person 'like them' in the SNHU community, if only to feel like they aren't alone.

Nicole, staff member

I chose to participate in the Faces of Pride so that students were aware that I am an ally for them and a safe space to chat about anything at any point.  My hope was that students, staff, and faculty know that they can fell comfortable, that I will listen and advocate on their behalf for LGBTQ rights and equality at SNHU and in the greater Manchester community.  This campaign is important to me because no matter how you identify yourself, we all deserve to be heard and accepted as who we are.




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