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The President’s Commission for LGBTQ+ Advocacy strives to foster an open and accepting community defined by equality, civility and respect by advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, educational initiatives, and programs for Southern New Hampshire University.
2017-2018 President's Commission Membership
  • Michael Baker, School of Business

  • Ryan Evaul, Student Representative

  • Amanda Flores, Admission

  • Rane Hall, General Education

  • Cheryl Hanninen, Institutional Advancement

  • Diane Harrises, School of Education

  • Elaina Hill, Residence Life

  • Reagan Murphy, Student Representative

  • Elyse Peredna, Wellness

  • Kristina Rieger, Learning Center (Co-Chair)

  • Michael Reaves, Diversity Programs

  • Megan Sawyer, School of Arts and Sciences

  • Michelle Scali, Student Involvement

  • Christina Starkey, School of Arts and Sciences

  • Sarah Stearns, Academic Advising (Co-Chair)

  • Stephanie Stehl, Athletics




President statement

I look forward to a time when we won’t need a Commission for LGBTQ+ Advocacy, but we are not there yet.  Members of the LGBTQ+ community are still fighting for their rights, not just civil rights, but a more fundamental human right to be accepted and indeed embraced for who they are as individuals.  The Commission embodies SNHU’s institutional and cultural commitment to that fight –not their fight, but our collective fight to create a campus community and a world where freedom and dignity is afforded to everyone.

~ Paul LeBlanc, President


Hello, Friend!  
You are welcome here.  As CDIO, my highest priority is to cultivate a spirit of hospitality at SNHU for all, especially for those whose identities have been treated with anything but hospitality throughout history.  Hospitality, even more than welcome, requires that we bear responsibility to know and understand those we welcome.  The President’s Commission works to educate, raise awareness, advocate for equity, and provide space for LGBTQ+ community members to be their authentic selves.  It is tireless, important work that calls us to consider our common humanity and draw on the best of our character.

Parents, friends, allies, loved ones--all who care about deepening a culture of kindness and understanding—I hope you consider this page a go-to space in times of confusion and frustration, joy and celebration, support and strength.  You are not alone.

~ Jada Hebra, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


Southern New Hampshire University

2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106


For general inquiries or interest in membership, please fill the following contact form.

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